You can only be charged more than 5 dollars per year if you have more than one release uploaded with us.

A release may be an entire album, a single or an EP. So, for example, if you have released 3 albums, you'll be charged USD 15 per year or the amount you make until you gather 15 dollars. Above 15 dollars, it's all yours. The same thing would apply if you'd release 1 album, 1 single and 1 EP (total: 3 releases): you'll be charged USD 15 as well. Keep in mind that we're not charging per song, so it doesn't change anything if you launch an album with 20 or 7 tracks, you'll be charged the same USD 5 for that release.

So, how exactly are the fees calculated? The time span of a year is counted as of the first day you upload your release, whereas if you upload a release on November, 30th, 2021, the fees will be charged in the period between this date and 365 days later; and will be charged again every next year. However, they're not cumulative, they are only charged during the year they are valid. For example, if you have one release and it makes less than 5 dollars in a year, the exact amount it made will be charged. Above 5 dollars, it's all yours. And, in the years to come, you won't be charged more than 5 dollars, ever. Only if you upload more than one release, of course!