A link tree is a landing page that contains links that can take users anywhere you want them to go.

On your Magroove for Artists account, you can build a customizable link tree page with as many links as you want to add to a number of digital platforms and social media or any other website.

It's an easy-to-use tool to engage your audience with stuff like:

  • Links to your music or your artist profile on DSPs (Spotify, Deezer, etc.);
  • Links to your social media channels;
  • Link to your website or any other online platform where your work is available
  • Basically anywhere on the Internet you'd like your fans and friends to access!

Our link tree service is 100% free, and you don't necessarily need to distribute your music with Magroove to start using it. It also features the option for you to collect your fans' emails.

Check out the example below of how a Magroove Link Tree looks like (and don't worry, you can always customize it as you prefer):