Proof of ownership is a document that proves you’re the original creator or the rights holder for commercial use of the sound recording and/or the musical elements (such as samples) you’re sending us.

There is more than one way to prove that: if you've bought a sample, for example, there's probably a document proving it. If you negotiated directly with the artist, you can also create a signed document stating that the original creator allowed you to use them, but you'll also need a license.

In case you use native audio and midi elements, you can also send us your DAW’s contract found inside the software itself (probably in a section like About Ableton Live, or About Reaper, About Logic, and so it goes…).

In case you don’t have licenses for your samples, you should first acquire them in order to be able to distribute your songs. You can do so through a license platform such as Tracklib. The process is super simple and reliable. You can check it out here:

Below are some examples of cases in which you would have to provide proof of ownership:

- "Free" or downloaded beats / speech / samples: please note these are not allowed in productions that will reach DSPs that generate revenue.

- Licensed/Purchased beats: Can only be used if it's an unique beat, sold only for you and used nowhere else. If a song with licensed beats was flagged, please let us have a copy of the purchase confirmation and the website where the purchase was made.

- Cover songs: We'll need the license purchase confirmation and the authorization of the original artist/composer/right holder.

- Your song matched your own song: This happens when your song was once uploaded with another distributor or to open databases, like Youtube or Soundcloud.

Please note that we can only upload content that is fully taken down from other distributors. If you are unable to provide enough proof of ownership over any content uploaded, your release will be restricted only to a few stores.