Basically, the user can search for any song one wants to find similars, and we'll start showing 30-second snippets of our recommendations. Once you hit "Like" to a song it'll be added to your Findings List and you can later export to your favorite streaming service, create different playlists and listen to full songs there. The catch is that the whole recommendation process works through cutting-edge machine learning technology. We developed an Artificial Intelligence, our dear Jenny, that can read similar musical elements between music on our database. That way the user discovers new music based on its personal taste from an expert on musical elements. Our aim is to broaden mainstream music recommendation in such a way music is recommended based on similar musical qualities and personal taste, setting new independent artists side-by-side to music legends.


Our app is not made for online distribution of your songs. If you wish to upload your songs to Spotify and other 40+ platforms, you can do it for free through the Magroove website. Please check our "Music Distribution Service" tab for more info.