Go to your member page and select “My Stores”, then click “settings”



Start by writing your Bio on your Store, so people can know more about you. 

You can add links and format your text as you see fit.

Write one tag and click “add”, you can add as many as you wish, always following the same process.

To change your profile picture, click on it and you’ll be prompted to upload a new one, choose the image file you want to upload, click “open” 

Drag the bar to select size and drag the image to select the position, when you’re done, click the green check button.


Ideally, for the best quality, your image banner needs to be 1920x400 pixels. It will be cropped or resized into these proportions. So it's best to create it and save a .JPG or .PNG high quality and it will fit perfectly to your store banner.

After creating it, click on “Change banner image” and upload it.

You can also adjust your banner image if you need to:

When you’re done, just click the green check button and your banner will be saved.


You can also customize your background, your text and highlight colors very easily, 

Just click the circle related to what you want to change and select a new color for it.

After you’re done customizing your layout, click save and your changes will be up on your store.